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About Us

FB Legal was founded by lawyers who chose to make their own way in the legal profession and thus adhere to one of its key features – independence. The members of our team have gained experience leading Czech and international law firms and they are prepared to bring their skills fully to bear in servicing our clients.

FB Legal provides legal services on a high professional level in all the key areas of law with a special focus on Commercial, Insolvency and Transactional Law. We provide our services in the Czech, English and Russian languages.

FB Legal cooperates with a number of experts from law-related areas such as tax & financial advisers, auditors, accountants and other professionals whose services are indispensable for complete and smooth handling of certain commercial transactions, corporate transformations and other complex business deals.

FB Legal is able to cooperate with independent lawyers and contractors where specialized areas of law or large and complex transactions are involved. In demanding cases, our team consults with external academic advisers, in particular from the Charles University of Prague Law Faculty.

FB Legal’s founding members have in-depth experience from practising in leading Czech and international law firms which guarantees a high professional standard of services rendered, both in form and substance. We are used to working in an efficient, organized and focused manner, thus saving costs and offering the client a broad scale of fee structures, the goal being for the selected fee structure to reflect the client’s needs as much as possible and encourage long-term and stable client relationships.